What is this website for?

There are many questions about software development career and as a person with some experience I would like to give my perspective. If you have a different perspective or think I left anything off then please let me know. I am going to set up a contact page and email for this.

Hopefully my experience driven perspectives can help someone.

What is this website NOT for?

Anything that becomes negative towards people or especially certain groups of people. There are no politics here and I would like to keep the language and and subject matter as PG as possible.

What's a corpcoder?

It's a corporate coder, an individual who works for a corporation doing software development. It is a much envied and sought after position in which many are living well, somewhat carefree lives while earning a substantial income.

Who am I?

I am just another corpcoder named Dustin Robison. I live in San Diego, California and have been in the software development industry since 2010. I have worked at companies of different sizes and held many roles from solo developer, team developer, tech lead, and developer manager.