by Brett Jordan (@brett_jordan)

Don't be that dev, the one who reads some technology article and becomes the salesman evangelist for that technology. New technology and innovation is good, great in fact, but it requires significant work to prototype and learn the use case and pitfalls prior to integration. The quickest way for your team to lose respect for your opinion is to suggest using something that you have not personally used previously.

Dustin Robison
Dustin Robison

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by Patrick Hendry (@worldsbetweenlines)

When examining job offers don't simply look at annual salary, take your time to review the benefits package and determine the personal cost and savings. The importance of employee benefits are understated and are often of greater value than a higher annual salary number in the USA, especially for those with families.

Hack by Markus Spiske (@markussp

Many well known software products today are stagnating because they are based on some corporate software framework that ruins the dev experience and productivity.

Sheep by Nick Fewings (@jannerboy62)

Agile Scrum is composed of many assumptions and rituals that don't apply to most software developers or their teams. Scrum has become the standard process for organizing development mostly because it makes great promises. However, only certain situations will actually deliver on those promises.

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If you want to do software development and you want to be promoted to a higher position you may find that these goals have an inverse relationship in much of the software corporate world.

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Breaking into the software development career is a dream for a lot of people for good reasons, there are a lot of perks and a huge number of high paying, low stress jobs. Getting started is the hardest part especially since many people can't and really don't need to follow the "standard path."